Windows Server 2003 (32bit) – Max Event Log Size

Just going to make this short and simple, there are many places, including Microsoft documentation, which state you can set the event log size up to 4GB.  While this is true, it will never get remotely close to reaching that size, or 1GB even.  Due to some very bad design, the event log uses memory mapped files under the services.exe process, which due to another very bad design, is limited to 1GB pool.

This apparently is not an issue in 2003 64bit, and is resolved in 2008.

Linux Apache + Subversion + Active Directory Authentication

I found Subversion (svn) over HTTP to be very easy to deploy on top of our existing setup, and only took about 15 minutes.  It simplifies user management by allowing us to manage users through Active Directory, and makes it easier on staff by using URLs for access.  Here is a quick demonstration on a Fedora 9 box, assuming you have already performed a basic or default apache install. Continue reading

PXE and Kickstart, Automated Installations for Linux via WDS

Today I decided to setup automated installations for Linux distros (RHEL, Fedora, CentOS), similar to how we deploy our Windows installations via PXE.  Since we already had WDS running for installing Windows, it was just a matter of reconfiguring WDS, setting up the necessary structure and kickstart files for our automated Linux installations.  While I do not cover the initial WDS installation process, I will attempt to go over the steps performed after the basic WDS install (native or mixed).  Continue reading

Linux SSH + PAM + LDAP + 2003 R2 AD Deployment

Often I find my self working in a department where the skill sets of individuals varies significantly, and my current position is no different.  While there is nothing wrong with this, there have been several occasions (like being on vacation), where help desk personnel or other less savvy users are called upon to perform basic functions .  Continue reading


So I decided to start a new site today.  Mostly this site will contain my ramblings about things I have come across or implemented at my job, though I may wander here and there.  Please don’t attempt to correct my horrible spelling or grammar.. I don’t care.