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XWiki 10.9 with LDAP/SSO/MSSQL on Windows


XWiki is a next generation wiki, a generic web development platform for collaborative applications. In this guide we will setup XWiki in a Windows 2016 environment on tomcat with a MSSQL 2016 backend.

Server Setup

  • Deploy a Windows 2016 Server image/machine using standard template (this is assuming DB hosted on external server)
    • 4 vcpu
    • 8GB Ram
  • Configure pagefile drive (E:\) 12GB
  • Add new 50GB disk to host the application (E:\)
  • Download and install latest java8 64bit offline installer
  • Create a service account to be used for tomcat & office services and add to admins group for that server (e.g. svcxwiki01). If you do not wish to add the service account as a local admin you can probably get by if you grant the user modify permissions on all the directories used below.

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